Creating A Bright Future

Bringing Balance And Peace To The World

While the original intent of NATO has been corrupted to fulfill the agenda of an elite circle, the North Atlantic Peace Organization is working to bring peace and security to the global community.

The North Atlantic Peace Organization (NAPO) was formed by the Afrodescendants Russia Association to help create a multipolar world and establish global peace and security from the abusive power of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The North Atlantic Peace Organization is powered by the people not government officials who can become compromised by fear or corruption. The core members are Afrodescendants in the United States who are asserting their right of self-determination and citizens of the Russian Federation but is open to all who agree with its objectives.



The chairmen of the Afrodescendants Russia Association, which established the North Atlantic Peace Organization are well versed in human rights law and geopolitics. They have a proven track record of interacting with heads of state and political leadership around the world.

Ramzu Yunus at a news conference declaring war against forcible denial of the right of self-determination.
Ramzu Yunus


Ramzu Yunus is an Afrodescendant born in the United States. He founded the Human Rights Policy Officers organization which is playing the leading role in the movement for self-determination of Afrodescendants in the USA.

Luc M profile
Luc Michel


Luc Michel is a Belgian geopolitical activist. He is the current leader and founder of the Parti Communautaire National-Européen (PCN) as well as the Eurasian Observatory for Democracy and Elections (EODE).