North Atlantic Peace Organization

Building a peaceful multipolar world that respects self-determination and prevents human rights violations by "superpower" led factions.

What is the North Atlantic Peace Organization?

The North Atlantic Peace Organization (NAPO) is a political and military alliance formed by the Afrodescendants Russia Association to help create a multipolar world and establish global peace and security from the abusive power of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO). The North Atlantic Peace Organization is powered by the people not government officials who can become compromised by fear or corruption. The core members are Afrodescendants in the United States who are asserting their right of self-determination and citizens of the Russian Federation but is open to all who agree with its objectives. Membership also is open to citizens of NATO states who do not agree with unjust actions of NATO which ultimately puts the population in danger. Africans are welcome since NATO's illegal war against Libya in 2011, robbed Africa of a leader and plan that would have had a huge impact bettering the lives of almost 2 billion people there.

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International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights

"All peoples have the right of self-determination. By virtue of that right they freely determine their political status and freely pursue their economic, social and cultural development."

Ratified by many countries (by the United States  in 1992), The International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights enjoys supremacy status in law.

Political and Military alliance

NAPO promotes human rights especially the right of self-determination and seeks to make sure the political will of the people is respected. Members consult with each other out of respect for human rights and cooperate in the best manner possible to resolve issues. Military action is a last resort but members acknowledge the responsibility to protect by such means if peaceful diplomacy fails.

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How Afrodescendants Benefit From The Alliance

The only way for Afrodescendants to guarantee that they receive justice and reparation is to assert the right of self-determination. However, the United States government is attempting to forcibly deprive Afrodescendants from exercising this right. This forcible denial by the government gives Afrodescendants the legal right to receive military assistance from other nations. Having a strong military ally such as Russia will discourage such political repression.

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How Russia and World Benefits From The Alliance

If Russia wants to eliminate the threat posed by NATO and prevent or end a unipolar world dominated by the United States then it is necessary to develop a relationship with Afrodescendants residing within the United States who are asserting their right of self-determination. A military and political ally within North America gives Russia and the anti-imperial world a stronger geopolitical hand.

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Human Rights Policy Officers answer the call to duty

Since governments and institutions such as the United Nations are being manipulated by powerful state actors, Human Rights Policy Officers organization was established by Ramzu Yunus to answer individuals' responsibility to protect universally recognized human rights.

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The Will of The People Must be Respected

Luc Michel from the Eurasian Observatory For Democracy and Elections (EODE) has a mission to make sure people's right of self-determination is respected and asserted via legitimate referendums. He is on a mission to create a world free from imperialism.

Get in position!

Our first priority is the realization self-determination of Afrodescendants in the United States starting in Detroit, Michigan. This is the easiest and only guaranteed way for NAPO to get the best geopolitical position to balance power and secure peace against NATO violations of human rights.


Human Rights Policy Officers have been doing their best according to law to secure the right of self-determination for Afrodescendants but lack the capacity that only the North Atlantic Peace Organization alliance can bring. The united political & military power with Russia and the justice loving people of the world represents a human rights force that can't be stopped.

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Mobilize Millions!

Our first critical mission is to mobilize the support of millions of Russian patriots. This democratic support solidifies the stance that the North Atlantic Peace Organization is taking and establishes protective measures within North America against the human rights abuses of NATO countries. The people of Russia are a critical component of the struggle for world peace.


Succeeding where NATO fails

Founders of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) claimed that the intention for founding the organization was defend each other against attacks to secure a peaceful existence for their citizens. Instead the organization has become a tool for an imperialist agenda and now also engage in attacks against other nations for unjustifiable economic and political motives. Such unlawful actions actually invite retaliatory attacks on their home soil endangering their populations.


All actions taken by NAPO will be in strict respect of human rights. There will be no deception of using "humanitarian intervention" as a cover for regime change.


NAPO exercises mutual respect of all nations with a goal to create a multipolar world not dominated by one country or group of countries.


Our objective is peace in which all citizens can live and prosper without worry of being interrupted by outside forces with corrupt agendas.

Step one

The North Atlantic Peace Organization must first attain political and military support of the Russian Federation. Russia is the only nation with the capacity and willingness to stop unjust global violations by the United States government.

step two

The North Atlantic Peace Organization must then secure Afrodescendants' assertion of their right of self-determination within North America. This puts the alliance in a perfect geopolitical position to deter United States human rights violations. 

step three

The last action is to establish the proper structures for human rights promotion and defense with capacity to execute duties. Well respected structures makes it easy to prevent or resolve conflicts. The commitment is to peaceful resolutions.  

On diplomatic missions worldwide

Here is a glimpse of the many engagements that NAPO executives are involved in on a continuing basis
Co-Chairman Luc Michel with Equatorial Guinea President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo

Co-Chairmen Luc Michel with Equatorial Guinea President Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo

Luc Michel with Congolese President Joseph Kabila

Luc Michel with then Democratic Republic of Congo President Joseph Kabila

Luc Michel with Central African Republic President Touadera

Luc Michel with the Central African Republic President Faustin Touadera

w Robert Mugabe cropped

Co-Chairman Ramzu Yunus with Zimbabwe President Robert Mugabe

w Hugo Chavez cropped

Ramzu Yunus with President Hugo Chavez of Venezuela

w Ali Rodriguez cropped

Ramzu Yunus with Ali Rodriguez then Venezuela's Minister of Finance and also served as Secretary General of the Union of South American Nations

Fabrice Beaur w martyred President of Donetsk Alexander Zakharchenko

Director Fabrice Beaur with martyred President of Donetsk People's Republic: Alexander Zakharchenko

Luc w Pres Igor Smirnov of Transnistria cropped

Luc Michel with then Transnistria President Igor Smirnov

Luc w head of Donetsk Denis Vladimirovich Pushilin cropped

Luc Michel with the new Head of the Donetsk People's Republic: Denis Pushilin

Alexander with Deputy Maria Butina

Director Alexander Tronin and members of youth club "Leader" in the PMC Wagner Center with Russia State Duma Deputy Maria Valerievna Butina

Tronin Deputy and Blogger

Alexander Tronin with deputy of the Russia State Duma Vasily Vlasov and military blogger Vitaly Veresk

leader with Donetsk officials3

Tronin and some members of "Leader" with the Minister for Youth Policy of the Donetsk People's Republic Makarov Kirill Borisovich and the deputy of the People's Council Gridenko Alexander Sergeevich.

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